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It Helps All Children

In an unpredictable and fast-evolving world, all children deserve to be nurtured with the qualities to thrive and grow amid the changes and challenges. Teamwork, creativity, empathy and resilience will be key.

Promoting inclusion in preschools and schools where children start to learn and grow is the first step towards creating a society where every person is celebrated for their strengths and empowered to reach their full potential.

Better academic performance
Improve socio-emotional development

It Creates a Better Society

The goal of education is to create productive members of society. In a country where people are our only resource, we need to empower every child to reach their full potential. By honing the life skills they will need, we prepare them for success in the future economy. Some of these life skills include:

Teamwork &<br>Collaboration
Creativity &<br>Resourcefulness
Empathy,<br>EQ & CQ

Social Policy Shifts

Students with additional needs who are educated in an inclusive setting are more accepted by their peers, have better social relationships, are less lonely, and exhibit fewer behavioural problems. Typically developing children in inclusive learning environments develop more compassion, positive attitudes towards persons with disabilities, and belief in the value of diversity. This is being recognised in educationaly policy both internationally and in Singapore.

The international movement towards inclusive education
Singapore’s commitment to inclusive education
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Research and current practices already point to how inclusive education is both possible and beneficial in developing these skills. With its inherent focus on respecting and celebrating individual strengths, children nurtured in inclusive educational settings are empowered to reach their potential and contribute to societal progress.

AWWA Pte Ltd.
Inclusive education is a powerful way to enrich children’s lives and learning

Inclusive education is a powerful way to enrich children’s lives and learning

In an inclusive educational setting, we see the value of learning to live together and

  • The beauty of mixed-ability communities
  • The richness of environments that offer a space for people of varying cultures and abilities
  • The patience, generosity and joy that such communities foster in children, which will eventually impact the communities of the future as these children grow into adults.

For us, education is about nurturing holistic individuals. Most of this work is done in mixed-ability educational settings. In an inclusive community, compassion, patience, creativity and perseverance develop and thrive. These qualities remain and enable us to live well, even after we have forgotten the facts and figures learnt during our days at school.

Starts with I

Each one of us holds a shared responsibility when it comes to fostering an inclusive environment for everyone. Join us in our mission to promote and create more inclusive environments in communities across Singapore.