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Alethea’s Story

I am a student from Temasek Polytechnic, currently pursuing a diploma in psychology studies. For our exhibition project, my group and I were assigned to collaborate with AWWA, who introduced us to the online portal,

Despite not having much prior knowledge about inclusion, through some reading through the different resources, I was able to identify my own misconceptions that I carried unconsciously. Hence, through this project, I was able to clear up my own misconceptions as well as create resources to help others understand how inclusion in the community is so vital for us to move forward as a community.

Through this project, I have firmed up my own understanding of inclusion in society and how as an individual I can create a ripple effect to make Singapore a better place.

Starts with I

Each one of us holds a shared responsibility when it comes to fostering an inclusive environment for everyone. Join us in our mission to promote and create more inclusive environments in communities across Singapore.