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12th AWWA Inclusion Experts Series – 3rd 2022
19 November, 2022

The AWWA Inclusion Experts Series (AIES) team capped off 2022 with our third and final session for the year, titled “Successful Inclusion of Children with Disabilities: Getting Families Collaboration-Ready and Why That Matters”. We were joined by keynote speaker, Ms Sylvana Mahmic, CEO, Plumtree, Australia and guest speaker, Ms Bethany Woollatt, a Plumtree parent peer worker. The session was facilitated by Ms Juliet Tanuwira, Lead, Inclusion Strategy, AWWA Ltd.

About the Keynote Speaker:
Ms Sylvana Mahmic
Chief Executive Officer
Plumtree, Australia

Sylvana is the CEO of Plumtree in Australia with 28 years of experience in the Australian early childhood intervention field. She has served on over 15 reference and advisory groups in addition to five Ministerial appointments, including membership in the NDIA Independent Advisory Council. Sylvana’s particular area of expertise is in developing family and peer-led approaches. She is the co-creator of the Now and Next programme and promotes the child’s voice and capacity-building approaches for families.

Session Outcomes:
• Become more comfortable engaging families of children with developmental delays and disabilities, and see them as a resource to the journey towards inclusion.
• Be inspired to see that children and families can be involved in a partnership to achieve positive outcomes.
• Hear recommendations on how professionals can engage families in family-centric ways.

You may download a copy of the presentation slides from the webinar here.

Watch a recording of the webinar here.

You can find the links to the resources shared during the session here.

See you at AIES 2023, where even more exciting and insightful sessions await! If you have any queries or suggestions, reach out to the AIES team via [email protected].

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