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AWWA Inclusion Experts Series – 3rd 2021
4 September, 2021

In conjunction with Teacher’s Day, the third AIES webinar of 2021 was specially dedicated to our educators, and touched on the topic of self-compassion. Expanding from the usual topics pertinent to the early childhood sector, keynote speaker, Dr Kate Brierton, is an expert on subjects relevant to students of the upper age groups.

The session was facilitated by Ms Juliet Tanuwira, Assistant Manager, AWWA Inclusion Inc.

Keynote Speaker:
Dr Brierton is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist with a passion for compassion. After completing her first degree at Cambridge University, she qualified in Clinical Psychology and Neuroscience in London. In her private practice, she has worked with clients with of all ages facing a wide range of challenges, including children with special needs. She is currently co-authoring “Cultivating Teacher Wellbeing”, a guide for educational managers.

Session Objectives:
Compassion in education
– Links between compassion and inclusion
– Fears, blocks and resistances to compassion
– Compassionate school cultures

Building compassionate relationships with students:
– Learn how different emotional states, attachment styles and developmental traumas can affect relationships
– Pick up ideas about how to connect with your students using body language and facial expression
– Learn how to create a trauma sensitive classroom which can support your most vulnerable students

Learning the skills of self-compassion:
– Importance of looking after your own needs through the concept of self-compassion
– Develop an understanding of how minds can become unbalanced with the stresses and strains of the modern world and the pressures in any teaching role
– Learn about practices to help you maintain a balanced mind and good emotional health, including exercises designed to develop self-compassion and support wellbeing

Keen to build a positive class culture? Find out how you can take the first steps, as shared by AWWA Occupational Therapist, Sharifah.

You may view a recording of the webinar here.

You may download a copy of the presentation slides from the webinar here.

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