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AWWA Inclusion Experts Series – 4th 2021
4 December, 2021

The AWWA Inclusion Experts Series (AIES) team capped off 2021 with our fourth and final session for the year, titled “Inclusion without Borders”. For the first time, the AIES webinar featured a local keynote speaker, AWWA’s very own Miss Beverley Tan, Preschool Teacher from Kindle Garden Preschool. Joining her for the webinar was keynote speaker, Ms Hannah Watts, Director of Plumtree Preschool, Australia. The two speakers shared how the support for inclusion is fostered through layers of the ecosystem involving the children, school, families and the community. The session was facilitated by Ms Sandy Koh, Principal, Kindle Garden Preschool.

Keynote Speakers:
Ms Hannah Watts, Director, Plumtree Preschool:
Hannah has a Bachelor of Education, Early Childhood Education from Macquarie University, and experience working in both Preschool and Primary School. This experience has had a strong influence on the development of her teaching philosophy as she explored pedagogy and early childhood research at the Mia Mia Child and Family Study Centre. Hannah was introduced to the beauty of inclusion in her role as the Director of Plumtree Preschool in Marrickville. She is now a strong advocate for inclusion across both the community and professional fields.

Miss Beverley Tan, Preschool Teacher, Kindle Garden Singapore:
What started off as curiosity and an internship at Kindle Garden quickly led Beverley into a career of preschool teaching. Beverley has a degree in Early Childhood Education from Wheelock College and a diploma in Early Childhood Studies. She believes in values-based and reflective practices. As a teacher, Beverley facilitates children of all abilities to respect diversity and uses the environment to responsively implement strategies that cater to the needs of the class.

Session Objectives:
To share the pedagogical practices of Plumtree Preschool and Kindle Garden across  the borders of Australia and Singapore, and beyond the borders of the classroom wall or the individual responsibility of the teacher.

You may view a recording of the webinar here.

You may download a copy of the presentation slides from the webinar here.

See you at AIES 2022, where even more exciting and insightful sessions await! If you have any queries, reach out to the AIES team via [email protected].

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